The best way to get to know this area is by walking. As you walk through the gorgeous landscape you will feel the nature and climate. You will more readily perceive the sounds and scents of your surroundings and soon will feel as one with the environment.

            Around Solana there are innumerable tracks and paths with spectacular rock formations, crags and peaks that erupt out of the rich, green wooded slopes. You can walk for hours in unspoiled nature enjoying the pleasures of the abundant flora such as chestnut, oaks, alders, willows, wild olive trees, broom, wild thyme, pepper trees, rosebushes etc., changing colour with the rhythm of the seasons. Autumn and spring bring an explosion of colours. With some luck a deer or wild boar may cross your path.

            Some of many delightful possibilities for hikers and walkers:
· From Solana along the Berzocana river through the dehesa to either the road from Berzocana to Aldeacentenera (9 km) or to Cabañas del Castillo (9.5 km).
· From Solana to the spring of the Arroyo del Brezo.
· From Solana through the Santa Lucia valley to Cabañas del Castillo passing the Santa Lucia water reservoir.
· From Cabañas del Castillo to Roturas through the Santa Lucia valley or via the Camino de Herradura, the last part of this trek follows the river Almonte.

As one visitor said: "A week would be too short to do the place justice".

We offer a drop-off and pick-up service and packed picnic lunches on request.